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Top Favorite Flash Bugs!

Posted by molkman - June 6th, 2011

Since I am right now doing quite some Flash stuff both coding and animating / drawing, there's plenty of occasions I just want to throw something at Adobe's face. So I present you my favorite Flash bugs!

While coding, there is this really handy feature called "auto format" (or something) that automatically puts my childishly thrown together code into a sexy-ass shape in just one click. But in literally every actionscript file or code accumulation that I work on for some time, this feature simply refuses to work. I only get errors from then on saying things like "Error auto formatting in line 323", no matter how I alter line 323. :<

When I want to export an image from Flash that uses masks, those masks simply don't fucking work, no matter what I do. :C

Simply when drawing (with the brush tool) and there's alot going on (or even when there isn't!) sometimes Flash doesn't draw the stroke I just did like I kindly expect, but instead it erases the things that are below the stroke like if I used the eraser tool. :O

And sometimes it even erases the whole frame and just puts down the last stroke! And sometimes it doesn't even let me undo that!

I recently had a movieclip, a simple one, and when publishing as swf, the content of that movieclip was shifted like 50px verically. :I

I go to a frame and it auto selects all the content. It features a line drawing not colored. When I deselect funky-dope Flash goes like "I better fill in all those areas, yo. With black." Nice. All black now, time to redraw that shizz. :U

Good job, Adobe!

Top Favorite Flash Bugs!

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Let's go beat their corporate asses

With LOVE.

My favorite is &quot;Hey, let's draw a straight line with the brush tool&quot;. End up with a slug shape.

That's not a bug, that's a feature.

you forgot my biggest favourite: USING SOUND IN FLASH
that never works too well

often stuff gets out of synch or won't play and argh its too awful to even talk about it but we all know it and anyone who tells me to set the sound to STREAM can fuck off and doesnt know what im talking about
like only solution is to export the whole audio and load one big ass WAV into flash &gt; : C
its really annoying as fuck

I have it on stream all the time and to be honest I don't encounter much trouble with sounds, babe.



we can start it all over, get it back on the track

It never gets old.

If you want bugs, you should try downloading those crazy plug-ins.
Pixel tool comes with at least 4.

Did you send this list to Adobe too?

Nah. #2-#5 have been there for at least 3 versions, I don't think they don't know or even care.

I could list quite a lot but they're pretty hard to explain.
That and I use Flash 8, so it's pretty outdated.

Yea, but it doesn't seem that Flash gets even updated a little bit "bugs-wise". They seem to spend all the time doing their HUD from scratch and updating their favorite decoration tool.

#1 is completely Adobe's fault too. The Auto-Format worked flawlessly in MX and 8; I used to rely on it. Now it's just unusable. Might as well just take it out.

#3-5 I gave up on the drawing tools. It's like drawing with a fat sharpie on a bumpy road...

Yes, the auto format just happens to me ALL-THE-TIME. No kidding. And that really sucks. Also you can select how it should auto format in the preferences, but some of the items there dont work at all either. :<

Which version?


you changed your icon's face from :] to :o
le cute!

I did. :>

I like to think that adobe are just being &quot;quirky&quot; and &quot;alternative&quot;

the fuckers

They're pretty good at being indie.

Oh, oh, oh. Number 3 and 5 are the worst of all because they can't be undone sometimes. It happens to me quite often aswell. Occasionally changing the black color to a really dark gray solves this problem. Sometimes...

Or another method would be after you've filled your drawing with the base colors, select just the black outlines (without the base colors) and group them with CTRL + G. Really helped me a lot.

Yea, but if I change the black, that won't help anything, because after the incident happens, it's just one fill without borderlines etc. Just a flat surface. :<

Also grouping might help, but I can't fill them in once I actually want, takes up lot more time.

the erasing itself bug is kinda neat sometimes. It happens when you use fills as well. It can be exciting really.

Yes, using Flash is quite an adventure sometimes.

Man....That Luis is such a daredevil.

Sometimes if you do a drawing and hold down ctrl-z, there'll be just one stroke somewhere that doesn't go away, and not because you ran out of undos. This isn't actually in any way annoying as it means I want to delete everything anyway, but it's just funny if you do it in a new document. Flash just says 'Nah man, that line was here right from the beginning!&quot; I think it's just Flash being cute.