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HUGE Flash (CS4) problem! HALP!

Posted by molkman - July 25th, 2011

Hey guys!

I have a really awful Flash problem right now. Like, really a bad one. It's simply when I publish the fla of our new game, in like 3 of 5 publishings the sound goes awry. The significant problem here is that the sound isn't only just "not working properly". Instead of the sounds playing I get seriously painful boops, beeps and cracks like when you scratch your fingernails on a chalkboard. No kidding. It's really unbearable and painful for the ears. I have set the sound exporting options to best quality and a high kbit value. (That's when it happened the first time on this .fla, but even if I turn down the kbit value, it still happens...)

Sometimes it affects all sounds and sometimes just a few. And that is also another problem because I have to go through everything everytime I publish to make sure no sound's been affected.

Does anybody know what I can do or has anybody had the same problem? Could it be my sound card instead of Flash bitching around? This really is a disaster.


Below is a screenshot of the game, also Lucky Tower 2 work has begun with actual production finally!

HUGE Flash (CS4) problem! HALP!

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Well, two ways of finding out:

(1) Test a new FLA, with actionscript, just the one or two of the sound files. See if you can export any SWF with proper sound.
(2) Send the FLA to someone else on your team, and see if they can export a working version.

Otherwise, my search has only pulled up this (so far) ... and it's unresolved :
<a href="http://www.kirupa.com/forum/showthread.php?350978-Sound-distorted-when-publishing-from-Mac">http://www.kirupa.com/forum/showthrea d.php?350978-Sound-distorted-when-pub lishing-from-Mac</a>


Yea, I've come across that kirupa thread as well.

Sorry, I meant *without script ...

Try copying everything to a new Flash file if nothing else works.

Yea, that works. Until it gets screwed up again. So "migrating" is pretty annoying.

CS4 is just awful. You should really switch to ANYOTHER version of flash.

Too bad everything earlier than CS3 sucks major donkey balls on Mac, so...

(In CS4 I also hate how you can save the interface settings, but they don't load as you saved them and everytime I open the program the interface is changed again... for some reason.)

Is CS5 any better?

my best advice 2 u is have ur sounds set to stream on the timeline as movieclips or event as one frame with ur sound, and then next a blank with a stop action on the TL

The problem here is that many sounds are called through actionscript, since it's a game, so that won't work.

Make your sound compressor APCDM. See if that works

I THINK I have tried the various compressing things, but I'm not quite sure, so I'll see if that works. Thanks.

Update: I tried it again and it seems to work. Cool, thanks. :>

I was certain your question was gonna be: how do I make a flash?

I run into this problem ALL THE TIME. First off, CS4 sucks. So get used to it.

Second, I'm assuming not only is your sound cracking, but it's also delayed. This is something you first have to change in your publish settings. Make sure it is above 64 kbs or it will over compress the sound and ruin it.

If that doesn't help, you'll need to have a constant sound playing throughout the flash, even if it's silence. This keeps the sound compressor from delaying your sounds.

Not sure what kind of adjustments have to account for the fact that it's a game, but that's always helped me with movies.

Hope that helps.

The problem only occurs once I turn the sound quality up (I always turn it down for testing, so publishing is faster). The sounds are not delayed though (Or at least I can't tell, because of the noises, ha). I remember having problems with delays, but that was with Flash 8.

Sometimes that happens if your sounds are in WAV format. I think flash converts everything to mp3 so try converting them yourself with an outside program and reinsert them. That way CS4's conversion won't mess up the quality.

The problem I had with mp3 files is that it seems that the filesize of mp3 files simply gets added to the swf filesize, so it gets super huge, while when using wav (although their size is wayyy bigger) the swf size is kept at a nice value.