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First Lucky Tower 2 Peek!

Posted by molkman - September 1st, 2011

"It looks just the same."

So the production train is rolling nicely so far and we're making great progress with the game. It will take us some time though, but we're trying to do our best. We got some great voiceactings done already and as soon as Dragamex has recovered from Irene, we'll be done on that part at least! Grab your seatbelts, y'all! In other news some other projects are cooking slowly too, the game with Popyea has some great concepts so far and our DaVinci game (with the nose) that is finished already is currently being ignored by sponsors on Flasgamelicense, so hopefully someone will have mercy with that soon...

Giddy up!

First Lucky Tower 2 Peek!

Comments (11)

It looks ausum! Will have lines to you this weekend :D


Is this time more puzzleing or just pure luck?
Have more weaponz end enemies?

More puzzleing this time, sir!

I've been waiting for this game since the first. Can't wait.

We're working hard. :O

Feels like I've already heard this game OH WAIT I DID. It sounds pretty awesome. :) Can't wait to play!

You should make a game with Ebul, he was a neat character

Yea, I still really like that concept and the character. It's a shame it had to be rushed so much because it was for the Jayisgames contest. I have some plans for it already, but first things first, y'know.

Looking like molkman Lol , Looks good hope you make lots of monies D:

Lotsa monies would be cool, yes.

Hit me up if you need any art for that one ;)

I'll let you know when the time's right, hun. <3

Absolutely loved the first one, played it over 10 times, have been waiting for the sequel since I first beaten it. Can't wait to play it!

Also, I feel you on the FGL ignore thing. It happens a lot and without any base for reason at all... I mean, I had a 1-day-game receive an offer the minute it was approved for sponsorship, and a longer, more complex game of mine has still not received anything for a month. shit stinks, i want my $$$ and release the game already!

those guys don't look for lucky... should be called unlucky torture times. D8

Their luck seems to have run out, yes

Anselm! You work at Film Bilder :D ..that's so cool.

Yea, he's working there and spreading love.

when will it be finished my good sir?

Production is rolling nicely at the moment, we're trying real hard to get it done this year.