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What Happened To Flash Games? / Lucky Tower 2 Info

Posted by molkman - March 12th, 2012

Hey pals and palsettes!

I recently noticed some crazy going-ons in Flash games. Alot of games that I play recently lag like mad for me, they pretty much freeze and even cause my browser to crash. I admit that my iMac I usually play on isn't up to date at all anymore, but the whoopity-crazy thing that concerns me is that the games I talk about don't have more complex graphics or any fancy gameplay than they had back in the days when we were all young. For example Ace Pilot uses graphics that are extremely simple, but it still lags so much I can't play it. I really don't understand how that'd make sense. CRAZY TIMES.

Enter project news! We're working on Lucky Tower 2 like mad right now and we're making giant leaps toward completion! But you'll still have to wait some more for it to be beta testable or even ready for release. Sorry voiceactors and people, for taking so long!

Days Of Yore 2 however is entirely done. I'm aiming for a March release, but I still need to compose some wacky tracks and add in some sound fx.

Put your toothcaps back on, it's bamboozle time!

What Happened To Flash Games? / Lucky Tower 2 Info

Comments (11)

Crazy Times indeed!

Crazy timeth indeedeth!

Lucky tower 2? Really? That's gonna happen?


Cool, right?

it's been lagging for me too, I think it's a series of really bad flash updates, because every time I install a new update it lags worse :c

I've had the same problem with flash. You're probably using firefox as I did. It doesnt lag anymore, I suppose you should update your flash plugin and/or web browser

oh and lucky tower 2 YEAH! make it so it has more doors

Too bad I can neither update my browser nor my Flash player anymore, because I use MacOSX Tiger. Ba dum psh.

Maybe people who make flash games keep getting better computers, but yours stays the same. And if it doesn't lag on their PC, then they don't optimize it.
Flash is definately getting better all the time, cos if I go back n play Dad n Me or something, it runs almost too fast.

Or maybe it's cos you're free to rely on hardware acceleration in the latest Flash; or something. I don't know much about that.

Probably, but if games aren't getting better graphically or gameplay-wise, why do they need more hardware?

or maybe this is part of Apple's conspiracy to phase out flash

way to stay productive man - can't wait for these games!

I think I-smel is right. "It doesn't lag on my computer, therefore it must be fully optimized." And I loved Catgame. I saw Adam West's character on Family Guy using a cat-launching crossbow and wondered to myself, who got the idea from who :D I could totally see the writers for that show perusing Newgrounds!

it may be related to new features in flash 11 & hardware acceleration.
"We took that decision when we saw how bad some drivers could be, with some horrible inconsistencies, some could basically reboot your computer when browsing a website. We just cannot allow that."
quote from <a href="http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-2.html">http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-
here is a link to download adobe flash player 11.2.
<a href="http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-2.html">http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer11-
I may be wrong , but hey it's worth checking out :).

try playing games in google chrome
it has less lag

when is lucky tower 2 coming out? next halloween?

We're making great progress, it's like 80% done.