Stagediving And Tumbelerering

2013-05-09 17:51:02 by molkman

A few daisy days ago, we released our game for the month of April in our tryings to create one game for each month. The game is about stagediving, but unfortunately slipped off the radar quite fast. Maybe give it another try? I even wrote some weird music for it.

In other news, I relaunched my tumblr, so I can just do frequent pieces for fun to keep productive and stay on the scene. Follow, muybee?

Take care!

Stagediving And Tumbelerering


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2013-05-09 21:52:34

Stagediver was a very good game, but almost impossible to get over 5000 or bounce high enough, to get those two other medals. The music loop was just long enough and fresh sounding, to be perfect for the game!
Wishing you the best of success... maybe get into html5 or another portable programming language? I guess the real bucks are in apps. You've certainly got game making down pat!


2013-05-13 13:05:23

i also wish you the best of success, i have played and really liked the games you have produced, it might be because some people area afraid of enuvation that you put in the games. i like it though :)


2013-05-29 20:30:11

hey, i like your games, do more slapstick comedy games, like ceasar's day off
what else do you plan on making?