Watch Us Make 11 Games In 7 Weeks.

2015-01-03 15:54:38 by molkman

Hey guys, we made a game a month back in 2013 (check my profile for the games) and this is what we're doing now: Tour Bueno.

We'll travel around Europe to visit 11 countries and game devs to create 11 games in 48h long game jams. All that will be posted online accompanied by a web documentary. It starts now, we just arrived in Zürich, Switzerland.

Here's me in front of our tour bus.


Also, I posted my 8 minute short film I did two years ago, The Feastible Life.



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2015-01-03 16:03:15

Holy crap, that's insane! I shall be checking from time to time, good luck to you!


2015-01-03 16:29:20

This seems like lots of fun. o.O
Good luck with it.


2015-01-03 18:00:12

You're always involved in some of the coolest projects man. Keep it up! I look forward to following the tour :)


2015-01-04 00:10:49

sounds RAD


2015-01-04 04:00:37

Not 11, that's satanic. :((


2015-01-04 12:33:43

you guys are fucking incredible good luck


2015-01-04 13:18:03

Looking forward to it!



2015-03-03 05:25:23

You guys are awesome! I will definitely check out the Doku, best regards from Wuppertal :)


2015-04-17 14:50:18

Only ended up watching The Feastible Life now. What a good movie! (With room for improvement.) See, even look at that submission ID #650000, di prim'ordine. If only people would re-watch the start, perhaps it would make them idiots some sense. I don't know if exotworking is you, or you're colleagues at school or whatever bromance you got in there. But this, this is great like Quintessence, Anaktoron, Hyperborea! Yet still, I request an exquisite cookie too.


2015-04-24 14:06:14