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I had the feeling that in the main floating-platforms-level, there are often parts that I can literally not pass. And having the feeling that I can't beat the game because of randomly placed platforms that block the way, is kind of annoying. :I

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah :( The only thing is that this does not happen often at all, quite rarely in fact. I get the sense that something difficult and tricky is being too easily scraped off as impossible by some. But in any case, random platforms that completely block all pathways are not things that should EVER happen in a game, so I understand your annoyance and I apologise.

Here's me being a bit too sensitive. I'm aware of this game's many flaws. I did not expect a huge score or raving reviews and I'm actually very happy with a 3, but it would be nice if people could see this game for what it really is and not compare it to other games that took months to develop. It's just a small game I made in 4 days and the fact that it is even playable is a monstrous feat in my book.

Sorry, I'm being stupid and over-sensitive with this one, because I really like your stuff mr. Molkman and even though I agree with your review and I see your points, I wish you could have said something nice about this imperfect little game.

I do appreciate your review. I'm very happy with the 3 stars. So maybe just ignore all my previous comments and take my thanks instead. So, thanks! :D

EDIT: Ugh, I feel bad for the way I react to some reviews. I should really just take the constructive criticism and learn from it.

I love this game because a totally "bold" and grave thing like destroying complete castles and etc is done in such a bouncy, easy and fun way, that it brings so much joy along. It feels like a sunday stroll while ramming down castles on the side.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing! :)

I love the animations in this game and overally how it feels. It's really great how everything moves all the time in a super fun dancey way. It just feels really awesome playing this game.

GuyUngerNL responds:

Thanks molkman, I'm a big fan of your games :)

I really love the look and feel of the game. It's really tons of fun to smash through hordes of enemies and collecting loot. It's a bit cumbersome to play with the mouse, however. I can see it being super smooth on mobile devices though.

VaragtP responds:

Yes touch controls feel very natural!

I really like the feel of the game. It's just alot of fun to dash and run around. I wish there was more variation to it though.

AndrewEkeren responds:

I'm glad you liked the feel of it! I released Panda Rush as a way to get feedback before sinking a lot of time into making content for a game people potentially don't even like. Feedback like yours makes me want to make a sequel.

The skeleton is just so super cute.

forgotten-red responds:

Oh, thanks.

I wonder why this is called No Ammunition for that was my least problem or difficulty in this game. Everything looks nice and all, but I found it to be pretty hard at times to dodge bullets especially because sometimes huge bulletwalls pop up with just one exit possible and it's super easy to be at the wrong end of the screen when those appear. The ship moves super slow and that makes it frustrating sometimes.

Braingine responds:

Thx for you feedback Molkman. I have uploaded a new version. The ship moves slightly faster now (around 5%) and a hitbox bug caused by blue bullets was also fixed.

"Don't be discouraged if it seems hard at first, just keep buying upgrades..." ...and it will eventually get fun.

Saying this is basically saying you didn't spend enough time on developing a concept that makes the game fun right away. That's also the problem I see in most distance-type games. They aren't fun at all for the first ten runs.

poxpower responds:

Man you're lucky you didn't grow up with Nintendos haha


I am not sure if it just lagged for me or if the controls were just really bad. The art is nice though, but reminded me a lot of Cave Story.

One thing that annoyed me was the sound of landing on the ground. I thought it's way too much there. I'm also not sure about the concept of dying and then having to find your way back, although it's used in a way here that it's not just a respawn mechanic, this concept always seems super nice on paper, but in reality, for me, it gets extremely annoying fast.

kurismakku responds:

Landing sound is fixed now.. As soon as admins approve, it will be live !


I really love this game simply because of it's art. Yours is such an honest and uncommercial style that's just so much fun looking at as much fun as it is to play the game, that is also nicely coded.

Komix responds:

thank you, I also liked your game Lucky Tower

I like salt.

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