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molkman's News

Posted by molkman - May 20th, 2014

Hey fellaz.

I've been super inactive here on NG. That's because school is pretty busy wizzy, so there haven't been new games or moophies recently. But I managed to keep my tumblr more or less active.



Posted by molkman - December 6th, 2013


Our exciting final OneGameAMonth project is now over, you can play the result right here on NG and party with the lion king and others!

You can also browse all 750 submissions we got on our project page.

Thanks for contributing so much and making this project just so much fun! I'm pretty relieved now that making one game each month is over and I can't be more thankful for all the response we got this year.

See you soon!


Posted by molkman - November 18th, 2013

This year we have been creating one game each month (November game coming right up) and as December is around the corner, we're finishing up that series with our twelveth game.

In this game however, we want to celebrate making games and thus we want everyone to take part in its creation. So come join the fun at at #partybueno!

We will be creating a game together in the super literal sense! Vamos!

Everybody! Let's (Literally) Make A Game Together!

Posted by molkman - August 2nd, 2013

Hello mountain dwellers!
We just released our game for this month, Pan Man. Go give it a shot! We started production super late for busy-beigness-reasons and others, so we made it just 30 minutes before the month closed down. Phew!


Pancakes For The People

Posted by molkman - July 19th, 2013

Hey armadillos and cocodrillos, I just wanted to give you a wrap-up about what I've been up to. For 2013, Majus, myself and occasional rocketpals set our goal to create a game each month.

Here's an overview of what we did:

In JANUARY, we attended the IndieSpeedRun gamejam, because I was super busy creating an animated short film and there was little time to create a game. We eventually did Caesar's Day Off in about 24 hrs. It happens to still be our most popular title and even got us the Monthly #1 spot on Newgrounds.

FEBRUARY was just as busy for me and we could only spend two or three days on Drop A Beat, Giuseppe!, which is kind of my favourite game of ours from the year so far. It got showcased at the UCLA Games Festival along with Stagediver, which is super awesome.

For MARCH we managed to grab a deal with DoubleFine and made a little game for them. Looking back, I wish we had made a less classic adventure game and more wacky cracky stuff like in our other games, but it was still a great thing to get in touch with DoubleFine and all.

In APRIL Lea Schoenfelder joined us to create the game Dwayne York: Stagediver, in which we tried an arcade-esque approach. Overall it was just meant to be used to stagedive into thu crowd like crazy. The game was showcased at the UCLA Games Festival.

In MAY we did the game Moon Waltz. We had some struggles during the production because of illnesses and weird happenings, but eventually managed to finish it and it was rather well received.

JUNE was another extremely busy month in which we only spent about 24 hrs on our game A Second Chance and the result is our most buggy game to date, so we were extremely surprised by how much people liked it, thanks to Zach's incredible voiceacting.

So voila! That's what we've been up to this year so far. I hope we can keep 'em coming.

Halfway Through

Posted by molkman - June 26th, 2013

Hello fellow spacefriends,
we just released our new monthly game, which we did in just a few hours because time is not on our side this month. It is called A SECOND CHANCE and it gives you the opportunity to hit innocent astronauts in the face with the shuttle door.

Again, this was done together with rocketpal Majus and master of voices and life, Zach.


Blast Spacemen To Space!

Posted by molkman - May 31st, 2013

Hey fellows,
we just released our game for this month, called MOON WALTZ about a raging werewolf in a friendly towne. Give it a spin, maybe? <3

It's been done by Majus and myself.


Destruction Waltz Across The Moon

Posted by molkman - May 9th, 2013

A few daisy days ago, we released our game for the month of April in our tryings to create one game for each month. The game is about stagediving, but unfortunately slipped off the radar quite fast. Maybe give it another try? I even wrote some weird music for it.

In other news, I relaunched my tumblr, so I can just do frequent pieces for fun to keep productive and stay on the scene. Follow, muybee?

Take care!

Stagediving And Tumbelerering

Posted by molkman - March 26th, 2013

Hey there peeps,
Majus and I have just finished our latest game in our ambition to create at least one game a month this year. This month we were asked by the fine folks over at Double Fine if we could create a game for the occasion of Tim Schafer hosting the GDC and so our latest game is a little adventure-esque game about Tim Schafer putting weird things on his face.

We might be able to put it up on NG soon too, but for now you'll have to check it at the DF site.


We Made A Game For Double Fine.

Posted by molkman - February 22nd, 2013

Hey jazz and jazzettes!
In our duty to create a new game each month this year, Majus and my wacky self have created a new simple game called DROP A BEAT, GIUSEPPE! featuring one kick ass pianist hitn' it like a major plajor.

Because Feb was a super busy month for us both in terms of non-Flash work, we could only manage to make this small game in about 32 hours. We also got a little spot for all these this year's games. Major Bueno that is.

Hope you enjoy it some. Chuppity-choom!

Droppin' Some Beats!