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molkman's News

Posted by molkman - July 25th, 2012

Hey guys and guysettes!

There's alot of stuff going on over here right now. Lucky Tower 2 is coming along super duper nicely, but that's not the new game from the title, I'm afraid. Two weeks ago we (that is the nose, Majus, myself and a few other rocketpals) participated in a local GameJam here in our hip city. Together with Majus I made a little game that eventually won Best Game. The nose did another game, which unfortunately hasn't been finished by now.


In other news from the blues goose, I finally got my ass up to do a loop for The Boogley's incredibly handsome LoopDeLoop Program. You can CHECK THAT OUT HERE. And make sure to do a loop yourself in the future!

Our game will soon be available publicly to NG and the web, but we still need to add music and sounds and do a little polishing work.

Giddy up!

New Game And New Animation! Holy Pigeons!

Posted by molkman - May 22nd, 2012

Hey there, kids and cats! I submitted my latest flash Days Of Yore 2 some days ago. Go check it out.

It was unfortunately blessed with the worst luck it could have been blessed with. At first I uploaded it to Youtube and there it only ran with awful lag and skips, so that it was almost unwatch-able. I had to upload another one there and redirect links, but the original "release boost" still went to the ugly version.

Then, a juicy day later, I uploaded it to NG. However, as soon as it went up here, NG froze (it was the day new features were introduced) and so Days Of Yore 2 was under judgement for like 24 hours, because neither uploads nor newsposts were updated. Therefore it got skipped to the "some days old submissions" right after leaving judgement. It never even got to the place movies usually get some attention after judgement or even got a mention in P-Bot's postings. It simply fell off the radar. Farewell, months of work!

So, long story short, you might want to check it out if you haven't. Coo-coo-ca-choo.

Meanwhile, Lucky Tower 2 is coming along super nicely!

A Gigantic Failure

Posted by molkman - March 12th, 2012

Hey pals and palsettes!

I recently noticed some crazy going-ons in Flash games. Alot of games that I play recently lag like mad for me, they pretty much freeze and even cause my browser to crash. I admit that my iMac I usually play on isn't up to date at all anymore, but the whoopity-crazy thing that concerns me is that the games I talk about don't have more complex graphics or any fancy gameplay than they had back in the days when we were all young. For example Ace Pilot uses graphics that are extremely simple, but it still lags so much I can't play it. I really don't understand how that'd make sense. CRAZY TIMES.

Enter project news! We're working on Lucky Tower 2 like mad right now and we're making giant leaps toward completion! But you'll still have to wait some more for it to be beta testable or even ready for release. Sorry voiceactors and people, for taking so long!

Days Of Yore 2 however is entirely done. I'm aiming for a March release, but I still need to compose some wacky tracks and add in some sound fx.

Put your toothcaps back on, it's bamboozle time!

What Happened To Flash Games? / Lucky Tower 2 Info

Posted by molkman - January 20th, 2012

Hello swagettes!

Right now, I'm programming Lucky Tower 2 in Actionscript 3 and it's the first time I use it. Almost everything is working nicely, but I have some significant problems with buttons, for example in the menu or even ingame. The problem is, that every time I click a button, I need to click inside the screen again in order to use the keyboard to navigate the hero. CRAZY LIFE!

It happens when I start the game from the menu and it also happens when I, for example, close the inventory. I always have to click somewhere on the screen again, otherwise the keyboard won't react. Overall there seems to be a new way of how Actionscript deals with buttons (you can now block buttons by placing simple movieclip on top of the button) and I'm quite puzzled by that.

Can anybody help me here? That'd be awesome!

Posted by molkman - December 29th, 2011

If not, the numero uno religion badass will make sure you'll recieve some delicious spanking you'll never forget!

What are Snakechin and Mobile King up to this time? Find out in Days Of Yore 2, which is surely coming January! Also Lucky Tower 2 is making nice progress so far, but I can't tell when it'll be done, still.

Hope you had a crazy Christmas time and suceed in parving your way for 2012!

Posted by molkman - December 22nd, 2011

They're super hip right now!

Posted by molkman - December 10th, 2011

That sure inspired me alot, that's why all my characters have faces.

True story.

Posted by molkman - November 26th, 2011

Hello folks!

Here's a quick update on what's coming up! Although there is alot going on right now, still none of the crazy projects that are steamin' around is finished yet. Y'know, life's a busy bee! I'd love to get those babies out already, but there's still work to do. Days Of Yore 2 is coming along super nice and I hope to finish that one in 2011, but time's short. Here's a screenshot, everyone! We're also still working on Lucky Tower 2 like mad rascals, of course! Fear not, it's on its way and surely got the hots for you. We just need additional time. Here's a brand new peek! Keep at it!

So, I'm sorry for the inactiveness, relief is coming soon! No worries!

We're still around, bros and brosettes!

Wacky Boots And Harlem Troots

Posted by molkman - October 1st, 2011


Because I built a real fucking chair. That's what every man should do in his life. I built it from a raw bole of larch and cut it with my insane teeth until it was the shape I told it to be. RAWR. Check out these pictures: 1, 2, 3.

"This is like the most comfy shit I'll ever squeeze my butts into!"


I Became A Man Today!

Posted by molkman - September 21st, 2011

We just posted our new little game DaVinci's Skycycle Chase that we kind of did as a comission for a friend before we started with excessive Lucky Tower 2 production.

Here's basically what people think about the game: "Awesome art and gameplay and thank god there are no bugs!" Click here with your mouse to get taken to the place of joy magically!

In other news, Lucky Tower 2 is coming along nicely and I am making Days Of Yore 2 at the moment which is looking good already. Stay on the hay!

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