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molkman's News

Posted by molkman - December 22nd, 2011

They're super hip right now!

Posted by molkman - December 10th, 2011

That sure inspired me alot, that's why all my characters have faces.

True story.

Posted by molkman - November 26th, 2011

Hello folks!

Here's a quick update on what's coming up! Although there is alot going on right now, still none of the crazy projects that are steamin' around is finished yet. Y'know, life's a busy bee! I'd love to get those babies out already, but there's still work to do. Days Of Yore 2 is coming along super nice and I hope to finish that one in 2011, but time's short. Here's a screenshot, everyone! We're also still working on Lucky Tower 2 like mad rascals, of course! Fear not, it's on its way and surely got the hots for you. We just need additional time. Here's a brand new peek! Keep at it!

So, I'm sorry for the inactiveness, relief is coming soon! No worries!

We're still around, bros and brosettes!

Wacky Boots And Harlem Troots

Posted by molkman - October 1st, 2011


Because I built a real fucking chair. That's what every man should do in his life. I built it from a raw bole of larch and cut it with my insane teeth until it was the shape I told it to be. RAWR. Check out these pictures: 1, 2, 3.

"This is like the most comfy shit I'll ever squeeze my butts into!"


I Became A Man Today!

Posted by molkman - September 21st, 2011

We just posted our new little game DaVinci's Skycycle Chase that we kind of did as a comission for a friend before we started with excessive Lucky Tower 2 production.

Here's basically what people think about the game: "Awesome art and gameplay and thank god there are no bugs!" Click here with your mouse to get taken to the place of joy magically!

In other news, Lucky Tower 2 is coming along nicely and I am making Days Of Yore 2 at the moment which is looking good already. Stay on the hay!

Check Out These Mad Pedaling Skillzz

Posted by molkman - September 1st, 2011

"It looks just the same."

So the production train is rolling nicely so far and we're making great progress with the game. It will take us some time though, but we're trying to do our best. We got some great voiceactings done already and as soon as Dragamex has recovered from Irene, we'll be done on that part at least! Grab your seatbelts, y'all! In other news some other projects are cooking slowly too, the game with Popyea has some great concepts so far and our DaVinci game (with the nose) that is finished already is currently being ignored by sponsors on Flasgamelicense, so hopefully someone will have mercy with that soon...

Giddy up!

First Lucky Tower 2 Peek!

Posted by molkman - August 25th, 2011


This post contains the word "buttcats"!

Posted by molkman - August 11th, 2011

'sup dogs and dogettes!

I just posted my new animation to my favourite Flash Portal right here. Come check it out, folks! It's a pretty dumb film about homosexually gay unicorns battleing for the prize of glory. Snap snap!

Also our mammoth project Lucky Tower 2 is beginning to heaten up, but will surely take us some time. Sorry. In the meantime there will be a little minigame out very soon involving classy Leonardo DaVinci eating weird shit.

Now enjoy unicorns. Pwetty pwetty pleeze.

Unicorns battle it out like dirtily naughty rascals!

Posted by molkman - July 25th, 2011

Hey guys!

I have a really awful Flash problem right now. Like, really a bad one. It's simply when I publish the fla of our new game, in like 3 of 5 publishings the sound goes awry. The significant problem here is that the sound isn't only just "not working properly". Instead of the sounds playing I get seriously painful boops, beeps and cracks like when you scratch your fingernails on a chalkboard. No kidding. It's really unbearable and painful for the ears. I have set the sound exporting options to best quality and a high kbit value. (That's when it happened the first time on this .fla, but even if I turn down the kbit value, it still happens...)

Sometimes it affects all sounds and sometimes just a few. And that is also another problem because I have to go through everything everytime I publish to make sure no sound's been affected.

Does anybody know what I can do or has anybody had the same problem? Could it be my sound card instead of Flash bitching around? This really is a disaster.


Below is a screenshot of the game, also Lucky Tower 2 work has begun with actual production finally!

HUGE Flash (CS4) problem! HALP!

Posted by molkman - July 1st, 2011

Hey people!

Here's another update on what's currently heating up in the style-kitchen! The Lucky Tower II funkytrain is steaming like mad already, but a small game that should come knocking real soon needs to be put in between. The dialogues and concept, thinking stuff of Lucky Tower II. We've been gathering some voiceactors, but unfortunately our main-bro Dragamex seems to be lost in space.

I also need him to return to finish up final voiceactings for the animation I have been working on now for some time. I'd love to finally get that done as well. Dayum!

For something completely different, soulbro Popyea is crankin up on threadless! Come check it out here! You'd so buy it I bet! He's also involved with me in game making extravaganza and so is Bomblu.

Cool projects everywhere. I can't wait to post more actual info and I'll do so as soon as I can! Spread the love, turtle people!

NG Redesign the new Chinese Democracy? Also Threadless