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molkman's News

Posted by molkman - June 6th, 2011

Since I am right now doing quite some Flash stuff both coding and animating / drawing, there's plenty of occasions I just want to throw something at Adobe's face. So I present you my favorite Flash bugs!

While coding, there is this really handy feature called "auto format" (or something) that automatically puts my childishly thrown together code into a sexy-ass shape in just one click. But in literally every actionscript file or code accumulation that I work on for some time, this feature simply refuses to work. I only get errors from then on saying things like "Error auto formatting in line 323", no matter how I alter line 323. :<

When I want to export an image from Flash that uses masks, those masks simply don't fucking work, no matter what I do. :C

Simply when drawing (with the brush tool) and there's alot going on (or even when there isn't!) sometimes Flash doesn't draw the stroke I just did like I kindly expect, but instead it erases the things that are below the stroke like if I used the eraser tool. :O

And sometimes it even erases the whole frame and just puts down the last stroke! And sometimes it doesn't even let me undo that!

I recently had a movieclip, a simple one, and when publishing as swf, the content of that movieclip was shifted like 50px verically. :I

I go to a frame and it auto selects all the content. It features a line drawing not colored. When I deselect funky-dope Flash goes like "I better fill in all those areas, yo. With black." Nice. All black now, time to redraw that shizz. :U

Good job, Adobe!

Top Favorite Flash Bugs!

Posted by molkman - May 23rd, 2011


Here's a quick wrap up on what I / we're currently up to! First of all, I'm making a new cartoon right at the moment now currently in this very moment about cool stuff and metrosexual masculinity. Animation is done once more with handsome human Dragamex on the mic. It's going pretty fast and well so far, so I hope I can pump it up someday soon.

Other projects involve a game about Indians and gambling and overall cool shizz all the cool dudes do. Also several other games that are more or less progressing a little bit. I don't want to go into detail about those since it's never too clear if they ever see the light of day anyway.

And of course there is Lucky Tower 2. The nose and I discussed concepts and ideas the last few weeks and we're about done with the script. Up next is dialogues and details and such things, so soon we can go into production real smooth. Everythings looking real nice so far and I'm sure we'll crank up something swell soon. More info to come!


Give it up for hormones party! / Upcoming Flash / LUCKY TOWER 2

Posted by molkman - March 25th, 2011

So, my animation You Roast My Beef hit the portal yesterday, for real this time. It even got daily 1st! I didn't expect that, thanks alot! Hooray! It was pretty annoying to do at times, since I did not use the motion track feature in after effects to mark some points and instead shifted around the frames.

I also thought about making another one of these (after You Pop My Corn being the first) 'cause the first one was plain murder, the second one had them survive, so the third one is REVENGE. Of the foods.

Also also, we polished our youtubes account, so you might wanna befriend us there too!

Thanks for watching. Take care.


Posted by molkman - March 12th, 2011

Hey cats!

Below you can see the full animation in one picture. Ba dum psh.

The more-frames-version will be here soon, as soon as the voices are done and a few remaining visual things are adjusted. Hopefully everything's done someday next week. No worries!

Take care.

Misc other: A lot of projects going on. Lucky Tower 2 planned, but still only juggling ideas.

New Animation Is Here!

Posted by molkman - February 18th, 2011


It seems like every second game nowadays is a distance-travel-one-level-upgrade game. I really can't stand these games anymore, they all seem to be exactly the same now! To me it feels like it's just a really easy way to increase the gameplay time tenfold without actually adding more content.

So get over it already. SERIOUSLY. :<

Watchoo think, peeps?

Quick misc wrapup: New animation in the makings. Various games planned. Cupcakes stampede, baby!


Posted by molkman - January 25th, 2011

That's right, pals! It's my spankin' 21st birthday right here today in all its bloom. So yea, and that's about it.

In other projects news, I tried to start in on a new animation with voicactor Dragamex and I hope it'll work out. COOL. Also we've recently been juggling around funky ideas for Look Out, Mr Johnson 2, if anyone likes to remember this one, as well as juggling around ideas for a possible new Lucky Tower. We've got a great concept for Mr Johnson down so far.

So long! Keep brewing.

It's My Birthday! Folks!

Posted by molkman - December 31st, 2010

Seems like the year ends with major awkwardness.

Game Jam #2 is over and I spent my time making a silly eskimo button mashing craziness with Nayhan and (after both our artists got lost) Kembry for some art. I'll check out the other teams' games now. Already played some and they were sexily neat! So this was alot of fun to do and to get to see how to cope with such a struggle and see how other teams come along and all. Coo-coo!

Play the game here, rascals!

Happy new year, people!

Game Jam Button Mashing!

Posted by molkman - December 21st, 2010

Heya funky persons!

So our latest game, Lucky Tower, done together with the nose and Dragamex was recieved super well so far. Ooolala! Everybody seemed to really enjoy the voiceacting and was hatin' on the log part. We got great scores here on NG, Jayisgames gave us a nice review and it got a sexy ass score on Kongregate as well.

So thanks everyone for enjoying and supporting our game with your handsomenesses! We'd love to make a sequel that many people have demanded, but I'm afraid we can't really start out with it until next Spring because of the nose's busybeingness. At the moment I'm working on some other projects that are unfortunately doing a little slow, though.

PS: It's pretty annoying that you can only upload new big icons to the portal without being able to choose the small 46x46 extract that is currently shown. It seems like the system doesn't even choose the middle of the big image and you can't upload a new screenshot either. :/

Check the Lucky Tower Icon and you can see what I mean.

Lucky Tower Aftermath / NG Icons

Posted by molkman - October 28th, 2010

Hello kids! The crazy medals for our funky game Lucky Tower, which is currently chilling out on the frontpage, have finally arrived! All aboard the fun-train!



Posted by molkman - October 21st, 2010

Yo cowdogs, the funkily crazy CATGAME from LazyMuffin and meh is definatly out now like nothing has ever been out before, baby! It's been delayed and pushed back for too long now, so here it is finally accompanied by a serious blast.

Go hit it up right about now and have some real good times!

CATGAME From LazyMuffin And Me Ready Now!