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Game Jam Button Mashing!

2010-12-31 04:20:49 by molkman

Seems like the year ends with major awkwardness.

Game Jam #2 is over and I spent my time making a silly eskimo button mashing craziness with Nayhan and (after both our artists got lost) Kembry for some art. I'll check out the other teams' games now. Already played some and they were sexily neat! So this was alot of fun to do and to get to see how to cope with such a struggle and see how other teams come along and all. Coo-coo!

Play the game here, rascals!

Happy new year, people!

Game Jam Button Mashing!

Lucky Tower Aftermath / NG Icons

2010-12-21 14:15:39 by molkman

Heya funky persons!

So our latest game, Lucky Tower, done together with the nose and Dragamex was recieved super well so far. Ooolala! Everybody seemed to really enjoy the voiceacting and was hatin' on the log part. We got great scores here on NG, Jayisgames gave us a nice review and it got a sexy ass score on Kongregate as well.

So thanks everyone for enjoying and supporting our game with your handsomenesses! We'd love to make a sequel that many people have demanded, but I'm afraid we can't really start out with it until next Spring because of the nose's busybeingness. At the moment I'm working on some other projects that are unfortunately doing a little slow, though.

PS: It's pretty annoying that you can only upload new big icons to the portal without being able to choose the small 46x46 extract that is currently shown. It seems like the system doesn't even choose the middle of the big image and you can't upload a new screenshot either. :/

Check the Lucky Tower Icon and you can see what I mean.

Lucky Tower Aftermath / NG Icons


2010-10-28 16:33:28 by molkman

Hello kids! The crazy medals for our funky game Lucky Tower, which is currently chilling out on the frontpage, have finally arrived! All aboard the fun-train!



Yo cowdogs, the funkily crazy CATGAME from LazyMuffin and meh is definatly out now like nothing has ever been out before, baby! It's been delayed and pushed back for too long now, so here it is finally accompanied by a serious blast.

Go hit it up right about now and have some real good times!

CATGAME From LazyMuffin And Me Ready Now!

Spankin' New Game AND Blastin' Fresh Cartoon, Folks!

2010-08-09 10:52:01 by molkman

Hey fellows, I submitted my newest flash, Days Of Yore to the Portal yesterday and it got funky Daily 5th, baby! It was part of this year's TOFA, but it didn't get me into the finale eventually.

I've also finished that game I've been gathering beta testers for in my previous news post, now called "Ebul" and running in the Casual Gameplay Design Competition, so I can't submit it to NG the next three weeks. But it will hit the Portal right after that, dogs! Don't worry!

Spankin' New Game AND Blastin' Fresh Cartoon, Folks!

Quick! Beta Test New Game! Out August 1!

2010-07-28 11:40:28 by molkman

Hey guys, I'm making a game for the Casual Gameplay Design Competition #8 that must be finished this Saturday. It's a kind of puzzle-typeish platformer. I need some funky people to test it out a little, so comment here or send a pm. Below is a screenshot of the game.

The other game, done with Lazymuffin, Cat Game, is completely finished, but still being succesfully ignored by sponsors.

Quick! Beta Test New Game! Out August 1!

Yotam Perel and me have just recently finished a brand spankin' new flash game that involves cat corpses and we need some handsome Newgrounds fellows to test the shit our of our game. So send me a PM or notify me through a nasty comment if you, dear noble person, are interested!


Test New Game From LazyMuffin and Me!

Listen up, dogs! Professional Recordings!

2010-05-02 12:18:17 by molkman

People. While I've been pretty slow finishing up new Flash stuff, although I got like a million open and really cool projects close to the end or at least started and in swell shape, one game together with Yotam Perel being brand spankin' done and awaiting release, I've been more active making music with my band Waist Of Time, in which exotworking co-buddy the nose is also participating. We've just released our brand new and professionally recorded songs the other day. They can also be heard here on NG.


And make sure to tell us what you think.

I have also recently and more frequently released some simple, computer-generated music, but apparently NG is hatin' on them. :C

This, Zees and this unbelievable sha-zam!

Check these out too, get spankin' and be on the lookout for the new game!


2009-05-01 17:43:47 by molkman

Together with Ukinojoe, I have made a extremely actionous ACTIONGAME called ACTIONPALS. Action action action action. Play it now. It's worth the late.

Are there medals? No! Who needs medals! The greatest achievement is made in the mind!


A Bolshevist Christmas!

2008-12-25 16:14:42 by molkman

I threw together a little oldschool game for le christmas. Checky out. Hope you likey. There's no music, but it kind of makes it more odlschool. (Cheap excuse)

Happy Christmas and such!