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Really cool.

That's a pretty cool game. But when a new soldier arrives, he should be invincible for like the first 2 seconds, because nearly everytime I get a new one, he dies right away.

Really well made

I can't believe this has a score of only 3.6.

It's a really well made game, with brilliant visuals and nice animation and as well smooth and glitchless gameplay. I enjoyed playing it- Good job.

Really enjoyable

The game overall is really cool, but there is one feature that just doesn't work out how you might have wanted it to. It's simply annoying that, when hitting a wrong button, the music vanishes. Though it being a nice effect, it just makes it alot harder to get back into the music since you lose the rythm and beat, which normally help you to continue nicely.


I must say, I really like this game. It has some cute art, a nice concept and is fun as well as addicting. I especially enjoyed the pencil-drawingness, it gives the game a nice twist.


The perfect conversion of Kloonigames' Crayon Physics for flash.


It was quite good. Unicorn healing, ohmygawd. But although I picked the "no microphone" option, I had to sing that song. Looks like that option is not workey right now.

Also, (just a small thing, though) that preloader you are using in your recent games doesn't look that good to me. Just a thought. ;)


The overall game is quite neat, especially the graphics are sexy (except for the clouds, they just don't fit in ;) ). But the game has some really annoying things in it that mostly come from the coding part, I guess. Also, the level with the skeletons was, compared to the other levels, really boring in both, graphics and gameplay. The skeletons being able to get hit by the traps is a neato idea, but it results in just waiting before the traps to watch them die. Aaaand there should be a button in the cutscenes to go to the next page, since it sometimes takes a bit long.

Plus, good music choice on this game. The difficulty is also rather nice, but the last boss is way to easy, since you can just jump while pressing A.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah thanks man, I never thought of a button to go to the next page in the cutscene. I only put a button there to skip the whole cutscene entirely. Thats a really good idea. Why didnt I think of that? Stupid I guess :)

Thank you!

P.S. I kinda like the clouds...

Huge bug!

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it happened to me twice in two plays. When squished by the breadloafs, the knight won't get up from the squished state and you can't do anything about it. I had to restart the game there- :(

Or do I just need to press a certain button here?

Still great game.

Some annoying things

There are two things that really spoil some levels: One level is, no matter how you shoot, dependent on chance, since you can't influence where those "bouncing spike balls" go. Another awful thing is, that when you shoot one of those spike baloons (that spawn the spike stuffs mentioned before) with your last dart, no matter if it will hit the needed amount of balloons, you'll lose because you're out of darts.


This is a rather nice game, beautiful graphics, nice animations and all, but the animation for the eggs when you collect one gets really annoying after some time and the white bar at the bottom that moves up when you jump seriously is an awful feature, because of that I most of the time can't see where I'm falling when I jumped, which is really annoying as well as the fact that, when sliding down hills, you're on the very right (direction you're sliding) so you can't see where you're going either.

Buzzwerd responds:

Yeah, there are certain things I wouldn't of stuck in there had I known how distracting they'd be, but after looking at something over such a long period of time I got used to it and didn't take into account that people would be looking at it for the first time. The camera on sliding has always been a bit funky, and I wish we'd of fixed it, but it is what it is for now and hopefully if we ever use a slide feature in another game, we'll make it less annoying.

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