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I really love this game simply because of it's art. Yours is such an honest and uncommercial style that's just so much fun looking at as much fun as it is to play the game, that is also nicely coded.

Komix responds:

thank you, I also liked your game Lucky Tower

Theme lost

The game is fun and the idea is nice, but the graphics are just so boring. The concept is pretty funny, but that is also the problem of the game. The title implies that the game is a funny reference to the PSN incident, which it clearly is not. It really needs a major injection of humor. For example the upgrades could be themed in a way they fit the whole PSN incident. All in all, the funny stops right after clicking the link to play the game and the game itself turns out to not be related to the theme at all except for there being a black box with PS symbols in the middle.

Kenney responds:

Well ofcourse the black box in the middle is supposed to be the PSN server and the other shapes are hackers (how are you supposed to draw 'hackers'?). The upgrades make sense game wise and aren't witty and confusing. I decided not to add any backstory or expansive instructions because I was aiming for the most simple approach. Sadly, not everyone 'gets' it. Thanks for your review though!


Nice art, works perfectly in a game and the bear animations are pretty slick. It looked a bit weird how the ground stuff rotated very slowly though and I wish there was more variety in stuff dropping, depending on the background scene maybe.

It would've been interesting as well to have the ground tilt on sea.


Really addicting and mellow. I always enjoy the art from Jimp alot as well. It was a bit hard to land and especially to see where you can land once you fly for a long time because there's just so much explosions and shizzle going on. Other than that it's great fun.


That was pretty crazy all in all. I liked the random- and weirdness. Also those bricks are sexy as heck. Loved the ending as well.


Although the graphics are nice and all, the fact that there are no sound effects when the player or enemies shoot take away like 90% of the experience, because everything starts to feel extremely unsatisfying. Sadly.

Insane action

I love your art style and how there is so much going on on the screen, that's just great to look at. But I found it to be a little hard to notice when you get hit. The only way I could see if I had lost energy was to look at the health bar. That was pretty annoying. I liked Powerfox's turban and all the other little details you put in. The bosses however were a bit similiar to eachother, compared to the other Powerfox installments.

Wiesi responds:

Hey, thank you for reviewing!! :)

Needs more variety

I love the idea of the colors and all, but I wish the enemies would come in more interesting shapes than just squares. And It didn't really get much harder throughout the time and most importantly got pretty boring because it lacked new features being introduced here and there.


Although the controls tend to get super annoying over the time, the game is incredibly funny and I love the idea. Thank god it's rather short.

Cool shizz

I really like the art stye and animation here. Everything seems to be working really well and the flinging of the bombs is a cool thing, although it sometimes makes me throw them in the wrong direction.

Things that annoyed me alot though were the extremely huge belly level with no checkpoints and the dialogue before the endboss that you couldn't skip while the endboss is super hard and I had to watch it a million times.

I like salt.

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