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Some annoying things

There are two things that really spoil some levels: One level is, no matter how you shoot, dependent on chance, since you can't influence where those "bouncing spike balls" go. Another awful thing is, that when you shoot one of those spike baloons (that spawn the spike stuffs mentioned before) with your last dart, no matter if it will hit the needed amount of balloons, you'll lose because you're out of darts.


This is a rather nice game, beautiful graphics, nice animations and all, but the animation for the eggs when you collect one gets really annoying after some time and the white bar at the bottom that moves up when you jump seriously is an awful feature, because of that I most of the time can't see where I'm falling when I jumped, which is really annoying as well as the fact that, when sliding down hills, you're on the very right (direction you're sliding) so you can't see where you're going either.

Buzzwerd responds:

Yeah, there are certain things I wouldn't of stuck in there had I known how distracting they'd be, but after looking at something over such a long period of time I got used to it and didn't take into account that people would be looking at it for the first time. The camera on sliding has always been a bit funky, and I wish we'd of fixed it, but it is what it is for now and hopefully if we ever use a slide feature in another game, we'll make it less annoying.


I really like the stretching of angry faic and the other effects as well, awesomely executed. Also, the game is alot of fun; kinda like a combination of "Winterbells" and ye olde color matchingness.

Annoying at some points but cool

It's a really cool game, but the fact that you can't see the ground anymore when jumping makes it really annoying and gives the game a big portion of luck whether you hit a block or not. :/


That is a really coll game you made there and I'm glad you used the "Das Boot" Soundtrack ;) (I think you did)- But the lives system is a bit annoying, since there is no way to get more lives. It'd be cool if you could buy additional ones on an island or something. Because as it is now, you always have to go to that "save game"-island to save when you only have one life left. :/

Hot ants!

This game is great! I love every tiny bit of it. Can I put it on my webside?

exotworking responds:

If you send me some candy


The overall game is nice, but the game idea is stolen and I doubt you don't know it.

The-EXP responds:

I don't indeed know it, where was it stolen from?

Submitted the same game 2 times

Congratulations for getting 2 awards with the same game. The new one is just like the old one, only with powerups that if you look closer don't do anything big. You could've just updated PP1. Overall the game is fun, though. Graphics could be more interesting, though.

ETERNALGAM3R responds:

I added more in the game. I added like 2mb more actually but it is an improved version of the game. I'm trying to make Pushies Plus 3 better, more engaging and have more content to it.

Daring theme. :D

I really didn't expect the game to get a score of 4.1+, since the mechanics are rather simple and not really challenging (I might have to play again and check that), but the art and animation is just great. I really like the style and stuff.

But expect some terrorists around your house in the next days, since you DREW mohammed! Ohnoes.

I give you 10 and 5/5 just for having enough bravery to take the risk making fun out of mohammed. (Plus it being a great game.)

Fun little gem.

I really like this game, it's fun and pretty unique. Also the visuals are nice, but the "turn around" animation for the soldiers could be different. I like the overall style, though. And it'd be even more fun if you could hit the enemies with the pug.

Claxor responds:

Haha, I personally love the "turn around" animation, makes it feel papery :P

Anyway, thanks alot for the review and score :)

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