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Actionous actionism!

Great game, dog. There could have been more "response" when certain things happen, as in, screen shakes and hot asplosions when enemies get hit etc. I liked the ground being shaped as the credits and the main character looks really cool.

raitendo responds:

I'm the hiphopopotamus.

Too fast

The problem of the game is that the enemies are super fast so you can't actually dodge them and avoid getting hit. This results in the enemies being on one spot and right in your face. And while you always lose health I kind of lost track over when I'll be dead. It's still super fun though.

Arkuni responds:

Enemies are now a bit slower than Pico. You aren't the only one who have complained about it :)

Wasted opportunity

Now you have an awesome name for a game and it turns out it's just boring collecting of things in the end while the theme of the "intro" and name has nothing to do at all with the actual gameplay.

Wrong approach I'd say

The difficulty is only caused by the pointless and horrifyingly annoying control scheme. It really kills almost all the fun. Making a game hard simply by defining the controls as awkward as possible is a bad idea, in my opinion. It also looks silly how the hero moves and always jumps even if you dont want him to. The graphics are really cool though.

Skellus responds:

I can't disagree more. I, and many of the people I have talked with, find this game very enjoyable EXACTLY because of the controls, which is something new and adds some spice. And the control scheme is not awkward, you just have to get used to it - I don't know if you remember, but can you recall the first time you have ever played a 2D platformer? Was it easy for you to get the full grasp over the controls immediately? I could swear you, just like anyone else, did not. It is just natural that we are not good at something that is new, but if you immediately label something as bad you won't ever be able to enjoy it even the tiniest bit. And you are missing here quite a lot of fun :).


I really liked the art, simplicity and originality in puzzle design and just everything put into this little game and it's great atmosphere.

One truly great game.


Now that was rather silly and unfortunately it seems like exactly the same concept as Free Will. Really funny though.

raitendo responds:

well, not _exactly_ but the idea for Free Will sprung out of this game and yeah the themes are definitely similar and partially overlapping


I like how everything works together really well and the truly flawless art and also the nice music. It really made a highly enjoyable game altogether. Maybe a bar showing enemies' health would have been nice. I also liked the fighting system, which seems interesting enough to look at even when you dont use many combos like me.

SeethingSwarm responds:

Yeah, a healthbar for every enemy would have been nice. I did consider implementing it, but I decided it wasn't necessary. Glad you liked everything and that you find NINJA brawl sexy. NINJA brawl finds you sexy as hell too :)


I loved the art and music and even the nice amount of originality of game elemts, but i'd also have liked to play it again. ;)


I liked the art alot and how you did the weapons system. Also all the signs popping up was fun to look at, although the achievements often blocked the sight on alot of things. The sounds were rather funny, but the mumbling of the hero got annoying real fast.


The art is very cute and nicely animated. But the controls are pretty glitchy, like, I couldn't spawn more than one running friend without stopping inbetween spawns. Also the invisible level was really frustrating and awfully annoying, especially with the slow spawning mentioned above. And some other levels were really hard too, in my opinion.

And, I think a game shouldn't provide the walkthrough, like, it looks like the author didn't spend enough time tweaking the difficulty.

Greg-Anims responds:

thats not a glitch, you cant spawn a friend on top of another one, else theyd just die!

I like salt.

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