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My hand hurts.

That was really enjoyable, I love how there is so much interactivity because of the incredible amount of clickables even in the background.


Now that is really crazy and hella cool. Great stuff, I like how it always looks different each time you play.


I love this series, great art and animation, humour and all. Great job. But you should think about getting someone (or yourself) to do voiceacting for the games, that'd be even cooler.

I likey

I really liked this. Everything just seems to feel right and the achievements and such keep you playing for a while. Also the art is super smooth. Good job here.

Hehe, great.

Now that was a journey. I love the graphics and how there was a lot of stuff going on all the time and how the main character changed through the levels. The level with the sword was a nice twist as well. Only complaint is, that it gets a bit annoying over the time that you have to press A all the time to attack and that there is no option to just hold down the key to keep fireing.


That truly was alot of fun to play. It was refreshingly fast paced and forceful and responsive etcetc. I also liked how he was dining with the cat in the beginning and all the wacky creatures in the bar. Plus the treasure-collecting was great too.

This is really cool

Everything works just fine, I have not found any bugs and such. The art is smooth and nice to and so are the animations. I like the special attacks, hehe. Though it sometimes is a bit hard to carry out a certain attack because they are all very similiar. (A S A, S A S, A S, S A etc)

SeethingSwarm responds:

Thanks! I wanted to keep the controls as simple as possible, so I didnt want to include the D button for example when it was totally possible to incorporate all the combos into just 2 buttons.
Glad you like!


The game is really cool, the graphics are simple but fit the game and such. Only complaint is that the "enemy" should always be at a certain distance than flying around right in your face, which is really annoying at times.

Wurmy responds:

Thanks :)
Also, your Johnson Ghost game is hilarious. Great work ;D

Hehe, nice idea

I really like the idea and the controls, it feels pretty cool in this way. But if you have caps lock on, the other keys won't react (or at least some of them). Other than that, awesome art and everything. Great job.

Really good.

This is a great game, visuals are well done, the idea is nice and fresh and it is fun etc etc.

But the gameplay itself doesn't work that well sadly, sometimes attacking simply doesn't work, I "draw" new lines over and over, but nothing happens. And then after I died once, I couldn't click the "try again" button. That meant starting over again from the start. :/

Also, a save game feature would have been awesome, since this game is a big one.

I like salt.

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