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Hot action pants!

That's a pretty good game you maid there, the penguin looks quite nice and the fun is guaranteed, maybe you should make the backgrounds more detailed, though. Also, I found the music fading away when you dont collect any candycanes pretty annoying, since especially in the first level, the music is a big part of the fun. Maybe you could use one music layer as a music that is always present and one super action song layer that comes to life when collecting stuff.

Great fun overall!

The game is really nice, nice graphics and animation (although the first cutscene and some attack animations looked a bit awkward). The gameplay mechanics were also great, the whole concept worked well- only thing that botheres me is, that the story is way to tawdry, it's the fantasy stuff seen everywhere, and all that emotional stuff makes me :/ . Fun game, though.

Nice action socks

The game overall is pretty cool and fun, but I must say, the trailer made it look way more action-packed and fast paced than it was in the end. The first level was a bit annoying, controls-wise, since you couldn't punch when walking and such. The 2nd level was great, the music fit in great. The "indestrucktocracker" level was also nice, but got boring after some time, because of no enemies etc. And seriously, the background here looks awful. The horseriding level was fun, but it's annoying that when you hit one brickwall, you get to crash into another 4 ones at least.

Overall a nice game, but with some aws. :/


I really liked this game! Pretty good (suitable) graphics and oldschool style. But after 5 plays or so, the sounds stopped. Maybe some powerups and additional happenings (fires, army attacks etc) could make this game even cooler. And maybe you should use ENTER instead of the spacebar when in the ground, would be more comfortable.

Nice enjoyable game

I really like the art in this game; the animations are nice too. Maybe you should make the character attack when you only press the attack button for a short time, though. It's pretty annoying sometimes when the character stops fighting when you release the button before the "animation" has ended.


The intro plus the menu are really awesome, great job. Pretty atmospheric.

Intense Thanksgiving

Briliant job on the artsy side, I love how the turkey looks when stretching it. And hooray for Garageband laughters!

Brilliant art!

The graphics are really nice and the gameplay is fun too. I especially love the menu artwork.

Just wondering, but how does it look when the "procedurally created maps" dont allow finishing the game?

Aw man, new ideas needed.

Your games get more and more the same. Color changing, rythm. That's it. Though the style looks quite nice, but sadly became common in flash games recently, so it's not a unique feature anymore. :/

Coolio-Niato responds:

sorries =(


That is a really nice game, fun graphics and awesome animations. Conan & Max rock and so do Pen and Jake.

I like salt.

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