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Cute Santa

Wonderful art that creates a super charming atmosphere. Everything seems really smooth here. Only thing that was a little awkward was that you had to jump up ladders.

Beyond the backdrop

I love how smooth everything works and the style of the graphics just fits in nicely as well, as well as the music, of which I at first thought that it was pretty annoying. It turned out to be rather fitting actually.

However, I wish the game was more than a platformer/adventure for the sake of being a platformer, with a great storyline and all, something that keeps you interested beyond exploiting ye olde sidescroller features.


I think the decision to make the characters 3D was not the best for the game. It just feels way less elegant and charming than the 2D animation that show alot of personality. Especially when I first saw William (the dude, I don't know for sure who's William and who's Sly) I had to laugh a little because it just felt really awkward, I'm sorry. The backgrounds are super mellow and nice, but the characters just look bland that way.


I am not sure if it just lagged for me or if the controls were just really bad. The art is nice though, but reminded me a lot of Cave Story.

One thing that annoyed me was the sound of landing on the ground. I thought it's way too much there. I'm also not sure about the concept of dying and then having to find your way back, although it's used in a way here that it's not just a respawn mechanic, this concept always seems super nice on paper, but in reality, for me, it gets extremely annoying fast.

kurismakku responds:

Landing sound is fixed now.. As soon as admins approve, it will be live !


I love this game because of its crazy art, great job, dogs.

Shame it has a lot of painful platforming glitches though.

Trippin Balls!

I loved the intro and the overall art, really fun stuff. Sadly the game lacked alot of actual "game", so this got rather dull pretty fast. But pretty smooth overall nonetheless.

Great concept

The concept of filling up your power by "collecting" bullets really got me, I love that idea. I just wish the graphics would be more original. Then this would have been tons more enjoyable than it already is.

Cute as a button

I really like the concept here and the visuals are pretty cute as the music's relaxing, so everything feels super mellow; just right for a casual game like this. I'm also glad this has no upgrades system to simply multiply the playtime, as a name like "Fall Damage" nowadays would imply.

The controls and the way you move feel a bit weird at the beginning, though. By the way, I noticed that at the beginning even when you don't take any fall damage, it still says "Looks like you took some fall damage.".


I like how you shoot off pixels off of the enemies, that's a rather pleasant feature. The voices are a bit weird though.

I love your games

I really love your games. They breathe such a nice arcade atmosphere and the graphics are just what is needed for such a game. I just love how they are not more and not less than what they should be. :R

I like salt.

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