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Buggy McBuggenstein

The game is nice overall, but you should've spent some more time to fix bugs. Sometimes the wall climbing simply doesn't work (second level) and sometimes I get teleported through the wall.

Also, the oldschool graphics are nice and such, but a little more detail wouldve been great still. Turning down quality to low even makes the 8bit-ish look even complete-r. :D


I really like the game, "This is just the size a casual game must be" was what I thought at first. The Idea is nice and simple, great for a little play inbetween.

But then I reached level 15 and it told me to go back up, which is kind of a shame. It was already annoying as hell in Ghosts and Ghouls. :C Just make another 15 levels if you want or just make the game end thear, but reusing the old levels again is simply boring and annoying at once in my opinion.

I likey!

I really enjoyed this game much, the music is great and so are the visuals as well as the game. But sadly sometimes the levels are like, a lot of frustrating "work" instead of making them more puzzle solving-ish.

Action packed, hooray.

This game is extremley well done. The animation is really forecfull and dynamic and all that; it really is a joy to play the game. The death animation is awesome too. Though it gets repetitive rather fast, because it doesn't have much features.

Great art.

I like how every level is different and nicely drawn; not just another random constellation of tiles.

Though the easing of the walkspeed is rather annoying sometimes.


Okay, I see why you want people to take the tutorial. But then please dont make it a 5 hour tutorial video. Please use text and let the viewer him/herself decide to go to the next page. That'll take way less time and is less boring than the way you did it. You can still read it out and record it, which actually is a nice feature, but less boring please.

Cryzabey responds:

I agree :/
It'd be easier if the game was simply enough that no tutorial was needed at all. Unfortunately, I always get complaints about it not making sense.

My first attempt at making the tutorial was text based, but the crowded screen made it highly unattractive so I opted out for a voice based one.

Rather frustrating sometimes.

I like it, but one level is way too long (if there is more than the first level) and the enemies shoot way too much so it is like, you spend all your time dodgeing enemies and can't really shoot at them for a while, although they always need more than one bullet to destroy.

Art and animation is really nice though.

Quite nice

The game is quite nice, but seriously, do you really have to put your site logo on every single screen? And in the boss fight background, why does it have to be across the whole screen? That really kills it for me.


That's really cool, but ther should be something that indicates you have just collected a shape, like a really gentle sound.

Also, the shapes could appear more synchronal to the music, with more differnt colours and movements.

Really cool

Really nice game. Sweet art and unique gameplay.

The sounds and the music need to be more aciton-ish though.

I like salt.

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