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The skeleton is just so super cute.

forgotten-red responds:

Oh, thanks.

I wonder why this is called No Ammunition for that was my least problem or difficulty in this game. Everything looks nice and all, but I found it to be pretty hard at times to dodge bullets especially because sometimes huge bulletwalls pop up with just one exit possible and it's super easy to be at the wrong end of the screen when those appear. The ship moves super slow and that makes it frustrating sometimes.

Braingine responds:

Thx for you feedback Molkman. I have uploaded a new version. The ship moves slightly faster now (around 5%) and a hitbox bug caused by blue bullets was also fixed.

"Don't be discouraged if it seems hard at first, just keep buying upgrades..." ...and it will eventually get fun.

Saying this is basically saying you didn't spend enough time on developing a concept that makes the game fun right away. That's also the problem I see in most distance-type games. They aren't fun at all for the first ten runs.

poxpower responds:

Man you're lucky you didn't grow up with Nintendos haha

I really liked this game for it's powerful feeling, everything seemed smooth and responsive. The animation and art gave it a sweet feel that made me want to play some more every now and then.

Only thing that annoyed the heck out of me was the music. Seriously, what made you choose that? Come on, guys. :<

Although this game is extremely random and not really original in any way, I must say I enjoyed it for quite some time, because of so much going on on the screen all the time and the pretty funny thing of "shooting yourself".

I like how you tried to do THIS in three days.

What really annoyed me was the way-too-loud walking noise that even made it hard to listen to dialogue. Also shooting and fighting takes so damn long, because those animations are all soooo slow.

I really like the graphics in the game. Also the creepy music adds to the gloomy cave atmosphere all over. I especially loved the dashing feature of the hero, though. It's alot of fun to boost around the levels and zoom through enemies with it.

But the game crashed twice for me too, which is super annoying for the fact that apparently the game doesn't save progress for me.

I like how you die even if you're like, 10 feet away from the spikes. You definitely didn't spend those 5 hours on balancing. The background and the overall art make this anti-game pretty funny though.

Those incredibly fantastic and funny cutscenes really amazed me, you did a great job here. But really, the game itself is kind of a letdown and turned out for me to be an annoying delay to watch the next cutscene. Sadly, everything is zoomed out that much, all I see is tiny icons of ships and the controls are really dragging and slow that I can barely finish even the first level without getting destroyed 3 times. And on top of that, the game lags like crazy, although the graphics seem to be as simple as it can get.

So, amazing story and cutscenes, but I really wish there was more "game" to it.


The problem I had with the concept is, that I can't really pay attention to the dude at the bottom doing crazy things, because I always have to keep my eyes at the notes. And I really miss some powerful visual response to hitting a note and especially something indicating how precise I hit it instead of just indicating miss or hit.

I like salt.

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